Customer Ombudsman

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Pursuant to Act 44/2002, of 22 November, containing Measures to Reform the Financial System, Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has an internal and independent Customer Service Department to deal with and resolve complaints and claims made by our customers in relation with their interests and legitimately recognised rights derived from contracts, regulations regarding transparency and customer protection, as well as good financial practices and uses.

You can contact this Service at any of the following addresses:

  • By post: Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar
    Servicio de Atención al Cliente
    Plaza Barcelona, nº 5
    04006 - Almería
  • E-mail: In this case, the complaint or claim must carry an electronic signature (Electronic Signature Act 59/2003, of 19 December).

On the Cajamar Caja Rural website and in our offices, there is a available for clients.

The responsibilities of this Service are set out in the available to clients upon request. The claims and/or complaints presented must be resolved within two months from their presentation, which can also be made electronically, as long as this permits the documents to be read, printed and saved, and meets the requirements of Law 59/2003 of 19 December on electronic signatures.

Claimants who do not find the results of the Client Attention Service acceptable can go to the .

To lay complaints or claims before these Commissions, an obligatory preliminary step is to present them to the Client Attention Service. Further information about these defence bodies is available in the "Bank client portal" of the Bank of Spain's website.

The processing of claims or complaints by any of the bodies listed here is not compatible with any other process involving administrative or legal proceedings or arbitration.

Cajamar Caja Rural's operating practices meet regulations on Transparency of bank operations and client protection as set out in the applicable legislation.

Pursuant to section 14 of EU Regulation 524/2013 issued by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe on 21 May 2013 regarding the resolution of online disputes pertaining to consumer affairs, please be advised that there is a European online dispute resolution platform that makes it easier to resolve any disputes out of court.

The platform is a multilingual interactive tool, offering free access to consumers and businesses to resolve contractual disputes out of court, derived from contracts formalised on line regarding purchases/sales or the provision of services.

Cajamar Caja Rural is not currently signed up to an alternative dispute resolution organisation for consumer matters.