Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before, during, and after investing?

06 de Septiembre, 2017

Before investing:

  • Current situation: Analyse your current financial situation to know how much capital you have. (With our funds, you can invest from as little as €100)
  • Investment aim: Know the aim of your investment (save for the future, retirement, children's education...)
  • Time horizon or duration of the investment: The timeframe during which you can or wish to invest your money.
  • Risk profile: You must define your investor profile, in other words, the risk you are able and willing to take (conservative, moderate, aggressive) and the estimated returns you wish to obtain. (Remember, the greater the risk, the greater the potential returns as a general rule, but also the greater the chance of making a loss.)

To determine which fund best meets your needs, it is important to read the fund prospectus or key investor information document (KIID), which contains all the relevant information for each fund (level of risk, expenses, minimum amount, investment policy...) 

When to invest.

  • Gain a good understanding of the product you are investing in: fees, terms, possible returns and associated risks.

After investing:

  • Monitor your investment. Control possible losses, returns, expiration periods, etc. Or the right time to liquidate those assets

You can find out all the information you need using our Fund Search (in Spanish).