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Personal Data Protection

In accordance with current legislation regarding the Protection of Personal Data, the Customer is hereby informed and accepts that their personal data will be incorporated into the files managed by Cajamar Caja Rural, Sociedad Cooperativa de Crédito, with registered address in 04006 - Almería, Plaza de Juan del Águila Molina, 5 (hereinafter, the Entity), to be processed for the effective and efficient formalisation, maintenance, development, enforcement and/or control of the business relationship between the Customer and the Entity.

For said purposes, the Customer's personal details are understood to mean any information concerning the Customer, which the latter provides to the Entity, or to which the Entity has access, throughout the entire duration of their business relationship, understood in its broadest sense as the relationship derived from all contractual relations or any kind of relationship that the Customer maintains with the Entity as of the date this document is accepted; as well as any other data or information generated through said business relationship, including those resulting from computing processes, or from data mining processes, in particular scoring.

In this respect, the aim of this document is to fully regulate the protection of personal data between the Customer and the Bank, and the agreements reached herein shall prevail over any other agreements made between the two parties in relation to this matter, notwithstanding the rights which the Customer may exercise in relation to the Bank at any time in the terms stated below, which will be duly managed by the Bank.

By accepting this document, the Customer is also informed by the Bank of the following:

  • (i) That, should the Customer apply for a loan, credit facility or any other kind of finance, or carries out or wishes to carry out any other kind of operation that entails credit risk, the Bank:
    • a) Shall use the Customer's details to evaluate their credit capacity for the purpose of studying the pre-concession, approval or rejection of their application, using scoring models where necessary or even the exclusively automated treatment of data or otherwise; the Customer has the right to make any allegations or claims deemed relevant in order to defend their rights or interests.
    • b) Shall have the right to consult common files regarding the fulfilment or breach of monetary obligations; and may communicate any non-payments that occur to be included in said files.
    • c) Shall have the right to obtain reports about the Customer's risks registered with the Bank of Spain's Central Information Register (hereinafter, CIR), which may only be used in relation to the concession and management of finance and also for the purpose of ensuring effective fulfilment of regulations regarding risk control and any other regulations within the sphere of preventive supervision applicable to the Bank.
    • d) Shall provide the CIR -without opposition from the Customer- with any information required to identify the Customer when they maintain any credit risks, either directly or indirectly, as well as the characteristics of the Customer and the risks, specifically including those that affect the amount and recoverability of said risks. This obligation extends to the risks maintained through instrumental entities integrated into the Bank's consolidatable groups and any risks that have been granted to third parties whilst maintaining their administration, and includes information which reflects the Customer's failure to fulfil their obligations to the Bank, as well as any data that reveal a situation in which the Bank has been obliged to provide specific provisions to cover credit risk, in accordance with the accounting regulations applicable to the Bank. If the Customer is an individual business owner and the finance facility is provided within the course of their business activity, the aforementioned compulsory declaration to the CIR will reflect their status as an individual business owner.
  • (ii) Credit entities and other payment service providers, as well as the payment systems and technology service providers to which data are transmitted in order to carry out a transaction, might be required by the legislation of the country where they are located, or by agreements reached by state governments, to provide information about transactions to authorities or official bodies from other countries, both within and outside of the European Union, as part of the fight against the funding of terrorism and serious forms of organised crime and the prevention of money laundering.

The Customer also authorises the Bank to:

  • (i) Carry out commercial or promotional actions or campaigns for financial, insurance and real estate products and services offered by the Bank itself or by third parties belonging to the financial, insurance or real estate sectors, such as congratulating the Customer on their birthday, Saints/Name day or similar occasion, using data mining, scoring and segmentation for this purpose, even after the business relationship has concluded, and using any means of communication including electronic channels (such as e-mail, SMS, MMS and similar) and the telephone.
  • (ii) Pass on their data, with the scope indicated in the second paragraph of this document, for the purposes described above, to third parties belonging to the financial, insurance, or real estate sectors, and to all rural savings banks and businesses from the aforementioned sectors that are members of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar at any given time (and which are identified on the website of the Entity or through our branches). Said third parties may carry out data mining processes, including scoring, and also obtain data incorporated into their files for the same purposes. The customer is hereby informed that this transfer of data may take place immediately, unless consent is not given.
  • (iii) Pass on their details with the scope indicated in the second paragraph of this document, in order to interlink customer files from credit entities belonging to Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar (which are identified at any given time on the website of the Entity or at our branches), for the purpose of enabling any customer to carry out the same transactions as they would with their own entity at any other credit entity belonging to Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, insofar as this possibility is available and offered by Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar at any given time, at its discretion. Customers can see which credit entities and companies are integrated into Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar at any time on the Entity's webpage or at any of its branches and/or through the webpages of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar.

The Bank guarantees that Customers may withdraw their consent for the treatment and cession of their details for the purposes outlined above, and may also exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel, oppose and contest scorings, always in the terms established by current legislation, by writing to Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar - Protección de Datos - Apartado de Correos 250 - 04080, or by sending an e-mail to protecciondedatos@grupocooperativocajamar.com

Unless expressly indicated otherwise when data are provided, all personal details provided in this document are required for the arrangement, development, fulfilment and/or control of the business relationship, or to evaluate the Customer's application. Therefore, failure to provide these details means that this relationship cannot be arranged and the Customer's application may be automatically rejected. Any details that are not mandatory and expressly indicated as such are compiled exclusively for the purposes referred to above; hence, if the Customer wishes to oppose their treatment, all they have to do is simply not provide said information.

The Customer confirms the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal details provided, and undertakes to inform the Bank in writing of any changes or modifications to them.

The Personal Data Protection Policy will be updated or modified as required, unless current legislation stipulates otherwise. Any changes will be published on the Entity's webpage, and interested parties will be notified in advance, using any means accepted by Law and with sufficient advance warning. They will be informed that the new Policy, applicable as of the corresponding date, will be available on the Entity's webpage.