Ethical system

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Cajamar Caja Rural's Ethics System (SEC) can be defined as the Entity's set of values, principles, goals and rules for action, voluntarily taken on by the organisation itself in order to contribute to greater efficiency and a fairer and more equable use of the company's resources.

This is understood in terms of the concept of our company as a social economy company, foundational in character, which views people as ends in themselves, not as instruments: for Cajamar Caja Rural, people are an end, not a means. For these reasons, the Entity develops its activities in an ethical environment of corporate citizenship, respecting the essential values which support society as a whole.

Cajamar Caja Rural wants to go beyond legal requirements and widen its social commitments voluntarily, and to contribute to improving the economic, social and environmental ambits of its activities, improving, stimulating and extending the ongoing dialogue with interested parties (partners, employees, suppliers, clients and society as a whole).