The management model

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To carry out its activities and realise the commitments defined in its mission, Cajamar Caja Rural uses a management model based on the following principles:

  • Efficient management of the available resources.
  • The adoption of efficiency standards.
  • The promotion of frugality regarding costs.
  • The prevalence of intangible assets (organisation, information, branding, innovation, etc) over tangible assets.
  • The preference for a management model based on management accounts over asset-preservation models based on balance accounts.
  • Advanced management of knowledge and information resources.
  • The intensive use of information and IT.
  • The establishment of mechanisms for continuous innovation.
  • The establishment of mechanisms for control and self-assessment.
  • The outsourcing of activities which do not provide added value and mean an inefficient use of resources.
  • Goal-oriented management as the most effective instrument for achieving the mission and strategic directives.
  • Selectivity in investments based on the entity's mission and its economic, financial, social and environmental goals.
  • Management of the connectedness and loyalty of our clients.
  • Commercial communications based on rational, relationship marketing, respect for personal dignity, the recognition of the rights and interests of the consumer, and developing responsible consumption in economic, social and environmental terms.