The mission

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The Cajamar Caja Rural mission

To contribute with financing solutions to economic and social development where its activities take place. The core values for achieving its goals are linking with local systems of production, sustainable development, social and economic equilibrium and protecting the environment.

Consistent with its mission, Cajamar Caja Rural's activities follow the principles of:

  • A company of social economy, co-operative in nature.
  • A societally based company with a wide social base.
  • A foundational company, with continuous capitalisation of its profits, where these are not an end in themselves, but a means of economic and social development and towards the ultimate achievement of its mission.
  • A company supporting the real economy, committed to the various productive sectors through its financing activity.
  • A local development company, supporting family economy and small and medium enterprise, making them participants in the potential benefits of globalisation.