Corporate social responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility represents Cajamar Caja Rural's voluntary commitment to contributing to improve society, the environment, and in general, the economy and the economic and social sectors with which it interacts.

The main areas of CSR for Cajamar Caja Rural in the specific area of its financial activity are:

  • Attention to strategic productive sectors.
  • The avoidance of all types of financial exclusion: for racial, social, economic or geographical reasons.
  • Supporting the information society, human capital, education and culture.
  • Financial support of local productive systems.
  • Attention to entrepreneurs and segments of the population for whom access to the financial resources they need to launch their projects is difficult.
  • The productive reinvestment of profits.
  • Specific support for the agricultural and food-producing sector and for projects relating to optimising the use of energy and water resources, as well as those related to promoting and producing renewable energies.
  • Socially responsible investment (SRI).