Corporate Governance

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For Cajamar Caja Rural Savings Bank, given its nature and social principles, and since it carries out business in every sphere of the financial, investment and insurance markets, having corporate governance instruments is not only an obligation, but also a necessity. It is the system that enables it to transmit the efficiency and professionalism with which it tackles the daily challenges of its business activity.

Cajamar Caja Rural is a signatory of the Internal Conduct Regulations of the Securities Market, applicable to the members of its Board of Governors and the managers and employees whose work is directly or mainly related to the activities and services of the Entity in the field of the securities market, or who normally have access to information relevant to Cajamar Caja Rural or companies in its group. These Regulations are also applicable to the Entity insofar as it establishes organisational or functional measures in its activities relating to the securities market.

Cajamar Caja Rural has obtained the quality certificate issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the QAR quality seal number 06.005-E, in recognition that its internal auditing activities meet International Standards for Professional Internal Audits.