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What is a cookie?

It is a text file that some servers send to the user's device, in order to record information about what we have been doing on its pages, thereby making it possible to improve the quality and security of the web page. They have an associated expiry date.

What are they used for?

Cookies are used to facilitate browsing, for security reasons and to obtain greater efficiency and personalisation in relation to the services offered to users. Bear in mind that cookies cannot harm your system and that, on the other hand, the fact that they are activated helps to identify and resolve errors.

Classification of cookies

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How can I disable my Cookies?

By browsing and remaining on our website you are accepting the use of cookies, regardless we inform you that you can delete them or disable them in Browser settings; however, doing this may affect your enjoyment of the site and the services that we can offer you.

  • The JSESSIONID cookie is strictly necessary for accessing Electronic Banking, if you disable it you will not be able to enter.
  • The deletion and blocking of the READ cookie will mean that each time you enter our website the pop-up window will appear containing information about the cookie policy.
  • Where blocking cookies from Google Analytics is concerned, this will prevent us from obtaining statistical information that would help us with the continuous improvement of our website.