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Name Type Expiry Purpose
JSESSIONID First-party and technical cookie Session This cookie is a session identifier supplied by the Microsoft JSP server. It is used to identify a user that has initiated a session in our electronic banking.
leido-cajamar First-party and technical cookie Two years This cookie obtains anonymous/dissociated user information which is used to indicate whether the message concerning our cookie policy has been read and has continued surfing the web.
_utma, _utmb, _utmc y _utmz Third-party and analytical cookies _utma: 2 years
_utmb y _utmc: session
_utmz: 6 months
These Google Analytics cookies obtain anonymous/dissociated user information which is used to count how many times a user visits the site. It also records when the first and last time that they visited the website was. Likewise, it calculates when a session has ended, the user's origin and keywords. In order to find out more about Analytics cookies and how to disable them visit http://www.google.es/intl/es/analytics/privacyoverview.html
sb-installed-cajamar, sb-closed-cajamar First-party and technical cookies 10.000 days and 60 days, respectively These cookies obtain anonymous/dissociated information about the user that browses through mobile and tablet devices. They are used to remember the customer the possibility to install/open an application when accessing our website by the navigator. They have a length of 10,000 days and 60 days, respectivily.