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In 2011, a 21% increase in attacks on mobile devices was detected.

29 March 2012

The second Report on Malware in Smartphones has been issued, which enables us to reflect on the real situation regarding the security of smartphones, describing the main threats detected, as well as the existing measures to mitigate the associated risks.

The growth in popularity of this type of device has been dramatic, particularly due to the wide variety of flat rates offered by all of the operators and access to attractive free and paying applications on diverse platforms, for private or professional use.

The main problem detected as a result of the study, is that users are not aware of the dangers of not protecting their mobile device and consequently, the mafias have broadened their horizons and have included this sector among their targets. This target is growing rapidly and provides a high level of remuneration.

The limited awareness regarding user security and their subsequent behaviour may be the highest risk factors for smartphones in the short term, whereby the report analyses the main attacks that have been identified throughout 2011 and provides the keys to protect our mobile devices.