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Security recommendations when using a Smartphone: Secure Shopping.

13 April 2012

A Smartphone is a device that combines the possibilities of a computer with those of a telephone. This has led to spectacular growth in the use of these devices which, when combined with the possibility of going on line using Wi-Fi or a mobile network, allows users to do their banking on line, a practice which is also increasing considerably.

The threats (opens in a new window) to which these devices are open when making Internet transactions are the same as for a desktop or laptop computer, with one important difference: the user is not as aware of possible problems as they are with computers.

To ensure transactions are carried out securely (opens in a new window), such as online shopping and online banking, you must take a series of precautions such as:

  1. Make sure the operating system and any applications installed are the latest versions.
  2. Install antimalware (opens in a new window) on the device.
  3. Because various different passwords will be used, you should use a password management programme (opens in a new window) so they do not have to be stored in a text file.
  4. If possible, make sure you install the most secure browser possible.
  5. Install the relevant applications for online banking and other online services.
  6. Type the URL address of the pages you are viewing, or use previously stored «Favourites» but never use links you receive via e-mail, SMS or MMS.
  7. Make sure that communications are encrypted (opens in a new window) when sensitive data are being sent.
  8. Limit the use of public Wi-Fi, even if they have a password, and ALWAYS avoid using open Wi-Fi networks for these kinds of operations. Whenever possible, go online using 3G.
  9. Use trusted payment methods (PayPal, Visa, etc.)

The recommendations (opens in a new window) are basically the same as when accessing these kinds of services through any computer, with the additional guidelines regarding Wi-Fi networks. This is because, although we are using a different device to access the Internet, the risks are the same.

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