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Fake job offers by e-mail.

24 April 2012

Taking advantage of the hard economic times that are hitting many users, criminals are sending out fake job offers by e-mail. In these so-called job offers, users are offered the chance to earn a lot of money easily and without having to dedicate much time to it.

Users who accept one of these supposed e-mail job offers are known as mules. The job involves carrying out transfers through their bank account in exchange for a percentage of the amounts transferred. This is not only an instance of fraud, but in addition, the person becomes an accomplice in the crime of money laundering.

Here are a few details about this kind of fraud:

  • The company is usually based abroad and has no local offices.
  • The level of Spanish used in the e-mails is poor.
  • They use free e-mail accounts.
  • The e-mails they send are based on models and are hardly personalised.
  • At some point they request money to be sent, giving all kinds of different excuses.
  • Tele-working or home working is offered.
  • The offer is made by e-mail without any kind of prior selection or recruitment process.
  • The e-mails use social engineering, offering the desirable characteristics of a good job.