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Promote the safe, responsible use of the Internet!

17 May 2012

This year, on the occasion of Internet Day, our Internet User Security Office (OSI) wants to share a new initiative with you. Taking up our slogan from previous campaigns, 'Let's make the Internet a safe place,' we are launching three awareness-raising pages for safe web users to find good practices in the use of ICTs and share them with their contacts.

These pages cover a series of situations like the following:

  • Are you getting virus-suspicious messages from your contacts?
    Notify your contacts of the potential virus risk in a safe and easy way. Tell them why you think they might have a virus on their computer, what steps they should take to destroy the virus and what they should do to avoid getting more viruses in the future.
  • You're sending spam, your computer might be infected! Are you sick and tired of hoaxes and chain letters?
    Help your contacts understand the risks of disseminating fake news and show them how to identify it.
  • Stop hoaxes, don't fuel urban legends! Another message with a zillion email addresses in its subject?
    Encourage the use of BCC for mass email sent to many people. This protects users' privacy, avoiding the unnecessary disclosure of personal information.

See more information on the OSI website. (in Spanish)