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Learn to safeguard your data during the holidays.

26 July 2012

The Internet User Security Office (OSI) wants to make your return from holidays a little easier and has published a Decalogue with important tips to follow during the holidays and obviously, throughout the rest of the year so as not to face unpleasant situations.

If you are taking your equipment with you, it is necessary to update your laptop and Smartphone's operating and security systems, and don't forget to change your passwords on your return from holidays.

If you are going to access public computers and wifi networks, you should take special care and exercise caution when you are unsure of the security level and do not use critical services, such as on-line banking. You should also be careful when purchasing on the Internet, checking the reliability of the pages and entities from which you wish to make a purchase.

Look after your privacy on social networks and refrain from announcing to all and sundry that you are going to be away from home, particularly if you have uploaded your address or photos of your house.

Summer Security Decalogue: Published on the webpage of the Internet User Security Office (OSI).