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Advice when shopping on line

12 March 2013

The Internet has in recent years become a fundamental tool in our lives. You can do all kinds of things on line, from buying any kind of products to submitting your taxes and even creating classified ads for the services and products you offer.

Although users are increasingly shopping on line, many are still afraid to take that step, fearful that they will fall victim to a scam. By following some simple advice, we can do our shopping on line without running into any problems. Let's have a look at this advice:

  • Only buy from secure websites
    Make sure online retailers have security certificates that guarantee that any information sent through the site will be fully encrypted. You can check this by making sure the web address starts with "https".
  • Choose the most secure method of payment
    Nowadays, we can choose different ways of paying, but it is advisable to use your credit card, since it incorporates insurance so that you can report any charges that are not yours.
  • Do not provide too much personal information
    To place an order, it should be enough just to give your name, delivery address and little else. Don't trust sites that ask for too much information about you.
  • Check the after-sale service
    Pay close attention to this aspect when buying on line since, if once we have bought an item, it does not work or breaks down a few days after it arrives, we must know in advance what we can do.
  • Never use public computers
    Don't buy anything using a public computer, for example in an internet café or using someone else's or a public Wi-Fi connection.

If you follow this simple advice, you shouldn't have any problems and be able to shop safely.

For more info, visit the Opensecurity web (in Spanish).