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Online Scams are Rife at Christmas.

22 December 2014

Online shopping and reservations, e-mail greetings, instant messaging... At Christmas, we use these services more than the rest of the year. Cybercriminals are aware of this and take advantage of this situation for "Christmas cyber scams".

The Christmas season arrives and with it, presents, nougat, grapes... and Christmas cyber scams! Although these did not form part of Christmas until recently, it seems that they intend to become another classic of the festive season.

At this time of year, the Internet enables us to buy our presents without having to stand in long queues at department stores: book a hotel to spend New Year's Eve without the need to go to the travel agency or even buy lottery tickets in an office that is on the other side of the country because it sells the number we like.

However, if we always need to take care when making online transactions, at this time of the year, we need to sharpen our senses and take special care, as the cybercriminals know that online shopping increases at this time and we all want "that article" before stocks run out. A lot of online shopping and little time for it is the perfect combination for us to end up being a victim of a cyber scam.

Furthermore, at this time of the year, many e-mails are sent and received, as well as messages with videos, photos or greetings from friends and "foes". How can a video of a puppy with a Father Christmas hat wishing you a Happy New Year be malicious? Well, it could be and we need to be aware and know how to protect ourselves.

The most common Christmas cyber scams are explained on the OSI website and how to identify them so as not to fall into the trap. (In Spanish)