Spain's Tax Agency is once again the bait for a phishing scam

15 de Febrero, 2016

A new wave of phishing has come crashing down onto the Net, supplanting the image and identity of Spain's Tax Agency, and not for the first time.

This new phishing scam is attempting to trick users into divulging their card details. The excuse on this occasion is that they are owed a tax refund, and in order to get this money, they need to click on a link that takes them to a fake website imitating the Tax Agency's website, and which contains a form asking for certain details, including their credit card details.

Remember, the Tax Agency will never contact taxpayers by e-mail asking for financial, economic, or personal information such as account numbers or card numbers.

Be very wary of any communication you receive asking you for information.

La Agencia Tributaria vuelve a ser objeto de phising

Text of the e-mail

La Agencia Tributaria vuelve a ser objeto de phisingFake Tax Agency webpage to which the link attached to the e-mail directs you.

Find out more and seek further advice from the OSI website.