We are being targeted by a phishing scam

10 de Noviembre, 2015

Our bank has fallen victim to a phishing scam. This is somewhat inevitable because criminals try their luck with every possible system, although some scams, such as this one, are not particularly original.

A fake e-mail is received, reportedly from us, advising you that the bank is launching a new website, although this is just a hook to get our customers' attention and invite them to fill out an attached form to steal their customer information.

Nuestra entidad está siendo víctima de phising

In addition to the usual inclusion of the logo, the sender appears to be an e-mail address belonging to this bank, and even if we analyse the subject heading, the message identifier appears to verify that this message does indeed come from Cajamar. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a new case of spoofing or e-mail identity fraud.


  • Be wary of any e-mails received from the bank. We will never ask you for information by email.
  • Never fill out forms with sensitive information: codes, cards... if you are not sure who has sent you the form.
  • If you fall victim to this kind of scam, you should report it, if appropriate, to the relevant authority.

This attack was uncovered by the ESET security firm. You can find out more information on their blog.