Virus and Trojan Horse

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A Trojan Horse is a programme designed to enable someone to access someone else’s PC or mobile phone remotely. Once installed on the PC or mobile phone, they can enter the real user’s equipment and carry out different actions without being noticed and without the permission of the owner, depending largely on the type of Trojan Horse infected and the permissions obtained fraudulently.

In some cases, you might receive or see messages that claim to be reinforcing security measures, which ask you for your access codes, coordinates from your personal codes card, mobile model or mobile phone number. The sole intention is to carry out fraudulent operations through different Electronic Banking sites.

To ensure you are not affected by these kinds of programme, we recommend:

  • That your anti-virus programme is regularly updated to make sure you are protected against the latest threats.
  • That your firewall is configured correctly; some anti-virus packages incorporate this.
  • That you have the latest security patches and updates installed on your operating system.
  • That you always download programmes from official and trusted webpages.
  • Never open e-mail or text message attachments if you don’t know the sender.
  • Never enter your signature coordinates to view balances, transactions, select contracts or if you have not begun an operation.
  • Never enter grouped signature coordinates.
  • Never divulge personal details through links included in e-mails or text messages.

REMEMBER: Cajamar Caja Rural we will never ask you for details about your codes card, except when you carry out transactions, in which case you will only be asked for two codes in order to complete the transaction.

If your electronic banking service asks you for any personal details, call us on 901 511 000.