Security Measures

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Cajamar Caja Rural encourages you to take into account the following basic recommendations when you use our Online Banking:

  • We will never ask you to enter more than two coordinates from your personal codes card simultaneously, and always when signing an operation within your online banking. Without exception.
  • Only log into Online Banking using a computer with an up-to-date and trusted antivirus.
  • Should you be at all suspicious in any situation, please contact customer service on 901 511 000 or +34 950 21 01 91 before responding or entering any information.
  • If you are not signing into Online Banking from your own computer always clear the contents of the cache after you sign out.
  • Try not to sign in from public places such as hotels, airports, cafés, etc. or from any computer if you have doubts about its security..
  • Always make sure the website address begins https:// Our Websites are and Do not use any other links!
  • We recommend that you do not enter your login details or online banking authorisations on any page if you are unsure of its authenticity or in an email, even if someone is asking you to on behalf of the Entity. Never disclose your login ID and password or other personal data when requested by SMS, fax or e-mail.
  • You should take precautions to ensure that no third parties can view your online banking login or authorisation details.

Mobile phone:

  • Be very careful with any applications you download. Never trust links you receive to download unknown Apps.
  • Make sure your phone is configured so that it does not accept downloads of unknown Apps.
  • In the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar app, the developer will always be Cajamar Caja Rural.

Measures and suggestions: