Internet User Security Office (OSI)

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Inteco and have launched a series of actions to raise awareness and provide information to web users in order to protect their privacy when they browse the net.

Among the various different alternatives, we would like to highlight the fundamental role played by the "Internet User Security Office" (OSI) (in Spanish), which aims to improve our security, prevention and training culture by providing clear and concise information about technology and the state of security on the Internet. It also promotes the detection and reporting of new threats on the net, fraud, online scams and any other type of Computer Security attack.

On this portal (in Spanish), you will find general information about security on the Internet, recommendations, guidelines, and tools to help you browse the Internet more securely, through the following sections:

  • The Information and Helpline, available on 901 111 121, offers personalised attention to answer your questions and resolve your security issues.
  • OSI Security Forums, with the participation of experts and web users.
  • Security Assistant, which will guide you through the trouble-shooting process, giving you the option of contacting technicians.
  • Specific guidelines to trouble-shoot security problems.