Maximum rate book

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Important information.

Price leaflets are no longer subject to the supervision of the Bank of Spain and are not published by the latter.

Order EHA/2899/2011, of 28th October, came into effect on 29th April 2012, governing transparency and customer protection in banking services, with the exception of part of Heading III, specifically Chapter II - except for Section 3 - which will come into effect on 29th July.

With the implementation of this Order, which repeals Ministerial Order of 12th December 1989, the obligation requiring banks to draw up a leaflet of their commissions, conditions and charges payable by customers disappears, along with the requirement to register it with the Bank of Spain.

However, Cajamar Caja Rural still has a leaflet reflecting its commissions, conditions and charges payable, available for customers, detailing the maximum amounts applicable for each item.

Our maximum prices, in accordance with the currency and market in which they are operating, are as follows:

The prices and charges applicable to securities market operations and services are available in the brochure of fees published on the CNMV webpage (in Spanish).