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Most frequently asked questions according to customers of Cajamar Caja Rural

To activate the SMS Signature system, you must call 900 15 10 10 or visit your local branch,and have a card that is not virtual

You can send Euro transfers to the majority of European countries that belong to the SEPA zone, but if you want to send transfers to other countries in a different currency,you must contact your branch, since they need to arrange the paperwork for you to sign.

Through online banking, through the My accounts tab, select the Statement option. You can also download statements in a C43 file format and load them into your own accounting programme.

Yes, just mark the option that indicates you wish for transfers to be credited on the same day you issue them. Remember, a fee is charged for this service and you will be informed of the amount before you sign the operation.

You can access any correspondence from home through your online banking. Check your bills, your account statements, your payments...and print any documents or save them on your computer.

Through online banking accessing Accounts>Payments and selecting the option to View and manage direct debits and standing orders.

Through this service, you can process the different payment forms for public administrations (Tax Authority, Regional Taxes, Local Taxes or other public bodies and entities). Go to online banking, then Payments> Pay taxes, and you will save time and gain peace of mind.

Yes. Just to go My accounts, select the Statement option, and then specify the "Between" dates.

You can view direct debits or other bills, statements, liquidations, loan repayments, transfers received... up to 3 or more years old. Print out any documents you need or save them on your computer.

Through your online banking service, you can view your direct debits and standing orders using the Payments tab. You can manage these payments, register new payments, monitor outstanding bills, arrange bill returns and even block the collection of a specific payment from your account. You also have access to these options as a phone banking customer.