Frequently Asked Questions

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Account operations

You will see your account balance on the home screen when you log into online banking and when you view your account movements. Furthermore, if you need more information, you can check the "Account details" option. This information is also available through Phone Banking.

The balance you see in your account is the account balance. Some funds might be retained owing to the depositing of cheques from other banks, the provision of funds for mortgage formalisation, sending out bill remittances, etc. In this case, you should view the available balance, which is the amount you can withdraw until the retained amount disappears.

To change the name holders on your account you must contact your branch since they must arrange the paperwork that requires your signature along with the signature of the other account holders.

Through online banking, through the My accounts tab, select the Statement option. You can also download statements in a C43 file format and load them into your own accounting programme.

Yes. Just to go My accounts, select the Statement option, and then specify the "Between" dates.

If you opened your account at a branch, you must contact that branch in order to close it. You can find the contact details of your branch using our branch finder.

If you opened the account over the Internet or by phone, you must send us an account closure requestsigned by all the holders. You can do this via electronic banking (through Tools > Documentation), by post, or by visiting any of our branches. Contact us if you have any questions.