Estrategia emprendimiento empleo joven

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Estrategia emprendimiento empleo joven

On 6 November of last year, the Banco de Crédito Cooperativo and the banking entities that make up Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar signed up to the Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Strategy launched by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. This strategy is based specifically around four key goals:

This strategy is based specifically around four key goals:

  • Contribute to improving the employability of young people.
  • Increase the quality and stability of youth employment.
  • Promote equality of opportunities.
  • Foster the entrepreneurial spirit.

Within this framework for action, throughout 2015, Grupo Cooperative Cajamar’s banking entities are implementing a series of measures aimed at promoting and providing resources to encourage youth entrepreneurship and employability:

Finance and Lending.

The ‘Emprende’ Finance Facility will enable self-employed professionals and microbusinesses to undertake new projects and consolidate existing initiatives, focusing particularly on the social economy and the agri-food sector.

Research and Knowledge Transfer in the Agri-Food Sector.

The Agri-Food sector is part of the DNA of Grupo Cooperative Cajamar, and so its banking entities are looking to contribute to the development of this sector by providing practical training to young people who are carrying out vocational training activities in the Group’s Experimental Stations, with a view to helping them into the world of work. They will also be encouraged and supported should they choose to launch business projects.


This set of measures encompasses a Scholarship and Grants Programme for Young Students as well as a Network of University Chairs. This reflects the importance of universities and the importance of incorporating business approaches and experiences into young people’s training and education.

Furthermore, as a unique initiative, a University-Business dual training programme is also being developed.

Local Economies and Development.

As well as providing support through finance facilities, entrepreneurial activity is encouraged and supported, focusing particularly on the rural world, by collaborating with social economy companies, cooperatives, local development associations, and local government bodies.

By awarding this seal, Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar’s banking entities are helping to improve youth employability and entrepreneurship.