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Franchisors looking to grow their brand abroad

If you have carried out a market survey, and you are looking to take your brand abroad, we are here for you. You must bear in mind the following factors that might differ from the national market you already know:

  • Language
  • Legislation
  • Currency
  • Knowledge of the market and customs of the country
  • Socioeconomic and political climate

You should also find out about any financial assistance offered by the government for internationalisation and the finance options we can offer you.

International Business

International Commerce Line

Using our line, you can:

  • Issue International Guarantees : when you are starting up in a foreign country, it is difficult to obtain finance locally. So, you can issue an International Guarantee of Credit Facilities: we issue this guarantee on behalf of your franchise in Spain so that the parent company is liable for its subsidiaries, which in turn can obtain finance in the foreign country. These guarantees, depending on the country, can be issued in the form of a Stand-By Letter of Credit.
  • Issue International Counter Guarantees which can be used to issue local guarantees in the foreign country so that the subsidiary can rent premises and commence operations.
  • Take out exchange rate insurance for operations in a currency other than the Euro and forget about the volatility of the currency markets.
  • Obtain finance for your foreign collections or payments through our Finance and Pre-Finance products.


We have a team of experts in Internationalisation you can consult at any time. Submit your business plan and we can advise you about the most suitable banking products for your growth plan and your requirements.

When a banking operation is being processed, contact us and we can tell you the status of the operation in real time.

We understand just how important speed and agility can be when operating internationally, and how important it is to be close to your customers.

Find out more by calling 901 10 11 54 or emailing: internacional@bcc.es