Do I want to set up a franchise?

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What do I need to know before I make a decision?

Entry Fee.

This is the amount of money the franchise holder has to pay to join the Franchise, giving this party the following rights:

  • Use of the brand.
  • Exclusivity in the agreed area and training.

Advertising Fee.

This is the periodic payment made by the associate to the central company, creating a common fund for advertising and marketing campaigns. In general, it is paid monthly and according to sales figures, although sometimes a fixed amount is agreed.


Amount paid by the franchise holder to the Franchise for the latter’s continuing support. It is usually paid monthly and is calculated on the basis of turnover. Some franchisers do not charge this fee. It can also be mixed, in other words, one fixed part and another variable part according to sales, purchases from the central company, etc...

Area of Exclusivity.

This is the area the franchisor grants to the franchise holder to develop his or her business. In this territory, the franchisor cannot operate or authorise third parties to open other franchises. The franchise holder cannot operate or promote his or her business outside of the assigned territory, although they can deal with customers from other areas who freely request their services.

How much does a franchise cost?.

Investments to suit all.

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What can you finance?

  • Adaptation of the premises:
    • Works Licence + Operating Licence.
    • Civil Engineering Works.
  • Equipment and furniture:
    • Machinery.
    • Furniture and decor.
    • Display units.
  • IT and communications equipment.
  • Entry Fee.
  • Royalty payments.
  • Payments for merchandise made to your suppliers or the Franchisor.
  • Payments of employees’ salaries.
  • Taxes, Social Security, etc...
  • Unforeseen costs.

Which financial products best suit my needs?


Finance package with tax breaks. You can acquire depreciable goods with the option to purchase at maturity.


Investment Loan:
Allowing you to make improvements or refurbish your premises.


Credit Account:
To manage your payments and cash management needs.


To guarantee payment of goods to your suppliers or franchisor, rental of premises, etc...


Financial Assistance from Official Bodies:
You could qualify for Financial Assistance from different Official Bodies.