What type of finance do I need?

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Leasing for franchises

To buy or renew production equipment, IT equipment, vehicles… by paying monthly instalments, with the option to buy at maturity.

This product offers the following features:

  • Finance with major tax breaks.
  • Optional initial deposit to reduce the financed amount.
  • Up to 100% financed.


Franchise investment loan

So you can cover the investment needs of your business:

It offers the following features:

  • Personal or mortgage-backed guarantee.
  • Repayable over 15 years with possible grace periods.

Buying or adapting premises, refurbishment, etc.

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New furniture, storage systems, advertising and publicity material, etc.

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Implementing new technology, switching over to LED technology,...

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Buying new machinery for your business, improving the security of your business...

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Updating your fleet of vehicles, delivery bikes, etc. Make the most of the Financial Assistance offered by the Government.

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Credit Account - Franchises

It adapts to the needs of your business, covering cash flow requirements without having to wait for customers to pay, in order to pay suppliers, etc...

You can set up any kind of direct debits, without having to worry about due dates. This way, you can optimise your cash flow.

It offers the following features:

  • Maximum amount: According to your real finance needs.
  • Maximum term: up to 12 months with the option to renew.

Guarantees - Franchises

Allowing you to guarantee payments for goods provided by your suppliers or franchisor, rental of premises, etc....

Different modes:

  • Technical guarantees for bids or public competitions.
  • Economic and financial guarantees.
  • Endorsement lines.

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Confirming – Prompt payment service for Franchises

Offering suppliers the option of collecting on their invoices in advance is a service that adds quality to your relationship and increases their loyalty.

Security: The processing of information by means of magnetic media eliminates the risk of manipulating physical documents.

Reduction in administrative costs, since we deal with the entire payment process.

We manage the payment of documents presented on the indicated dates.

The supplier can request collection on their invoices in advance.

Option for the FRANCHISE to achieve a better bargaining position in supplier negotiations in terms of times and costs, owing to the added value of early payment.

  • Immediate liquidity.
  • No delays or non-payments.
  • No credit procedures.
  • No increase in banking risk.

Setting up a foreign franchise in Spain

If you have found an international franchise with a business opportunity in Spain and you need finance to pay the entry free, to buy furniture if it needs to be bought in the country of origin, goods when they are provided directly by the franchisor, or when you are required to buy from certain suppliers outside of Spain, etc. :

  • We offer Import Finance , a product you can access simply by taking out a Foreign Trade Line .
  • Every payment you have to make when setting up a franchise or during your daily activity can be financed through your local branch or easily from your computer using our Electronic Banking Service.
  • Sometimes, the franchisor will allow you to defer payments provided you issue an International Payment Guarantee in their favour. With the Foreign Trade Line, you can ask us to issue such a Guarantee with no problems.