What about for my ON LINE sales?

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What is it?

V.me by Visa is the new way to pay on the internet. It’s simpler and more secure than ever, and saves consumers the bother of having to enter their card details every time they pay.

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How does it work?

Once they have finished shopping, if your website consumer has a digital wallet, they will simply have to...

  • Click on the V.me by visa payment button.
  • Sign in using their email and password used to create the digital wallet.
  • Select the payment card they wish to use.
  • Click on "Pay".
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How will it help to boost my sales?

It offers the ideal combination of simplicity and ease for customers looking for a secure method of payment they can use with all devices.

Furthermore, because the details of the payment are not shared with the retailer, you can attract customers who are more wary of shopping over the internet, knowing that their information will be protected at all times.

By simplifying the payment process for customers, you will also reduce your bounce rate and improve your conversion rate.

What protection does V.me by Visa offer me?

  • V.me by Visa has been developed in accordance with the PCI DSS.
  • Its advanced fraud engine will help you to reduce the number of fraudulent transactions.
  • You have the same protection as with traditional card payments, but with an improved process for your customers.
  • V.me by Visa will manage all the transaction data for your peace of mind.