Virtual PoS Services


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  • Supports different languages, languages, and card types.
  • Multi-Currency Service. If you don't want to change the currency on the prices shown in your catalogues but you do want to provide a value-added service to international cardholders, you can ask to activate the DCC service (Dynamic Currency Conversion). Customers will have greater peace of mind when paying because they will be certain of the amount in their own currency that will be applied when paying with their card, and the retailer can access additional economic compensation agreed with us.
  • It uses standard Internet HTML and XML algorithms and can be installed regardless of the operating system and programming language of the business.
  • To improve usability, the payment page design can be customised. This means that your payment page will offer a harmonised image in line with that of your business.
  • It accepts different modes of payment: pre-authorisations, authentications, subscriptions, express payments, total or partial cancellations, etc.
  • It has a management model that, via the Internet, allows the business to view transactions, total amounts, cancel operations, carry out refunds, etc.
  • by Visa. By eliminating the need to enter personal and card details for every payment, this method of payment makes buying on the Internet easier and more secure.
  • We have various free connection modules available for Magento, Prestashop and Woocommerce.
  • Security in payments taken through your website. Our payment platform integrates SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) that, in accordance with the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode international protocols, offers a high degree of security and protection for payments, guaranteeing that:
    • Only the genuine cardholder can operate using that card.
    • Confidentiality is assured in all communications established during the transaction.

Mechanisms are set up that verify the authenticity of the origin of transactions and prevent data from being manipulated by third parties. Card details will not be known by the retailer, thereby preventing this type of information from being used fraudulently by third parties.

Furthermore, our virtual PoS Terminals are configured with the security limitations known as velocity checks, which invalidate repeated attempts to purchase using the same card or IP address.