Virtual PoS


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Using the Virtual PoS Terminal, you can sell your products quickly, easily and securely over the Internet.


No registration fee.

No maintenance fee.

The best conditions...up to 0.40%(1) on your Discount Rate .

Sign up for your Virtual PoS Terminal now and start earning more!

How does the virtual PoS Terminal work?

  1. Products are selected and added to the shopping basket.
  2. The purchase details are then displayed: billing and delivery details.
  3. The Virtual PoS Terminal page is displayed for the customer to enter their card details.
  4. Once the purchased has been accepted, the results page is displayed.
  5. The retailer is then notified of the sale.
  6. The purchase is delivered.

(1) If validation criteria are not fulfilled, the discount rate could be increased by up to 0.30 pp, up to a maximum of 0.70%.

(*) Linkage conditions are available to customers at branches or Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar entities. These linkage conditions will be reviewed on the 15th of each month. The first review will take place at least 2 months after the PoS Terminal has been contracted.