PoS terminals and e-Commerce

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The most convenient, fast and secure way to manage credit card payments from your customers.


Simplify the payment process.

reduce your cash float

Reduce the amount of cash held on site.

boost your sales

Boost your sales.

Offer your customers the possibility of paying with their debit or credit card, Mobile Payment or Paypal.

Additional services available


Choose the payment method that suits your business


PoS Flat Rate

The PoS Flat Rate that best suits your turnover. Choose one... and always pays the same.

Monthly turnover is calculated on the basis of monthly revenue taken through the PoS terminal, based on VISA and MASTERCARD transactions. If you exceed the maximum amount specified for each rate, interest of 1.10% will apply to the excess amount. The offer includes an RTC, ADLS, MPOS, PC or Virtual PoS Terminal free of charge or a cost of 4 euros/month if it is wireless. Each additional terminal will cost €10/month if the terminal is wireless and €6/month for all other models.

Linked Business Discount Rate


If you prefer to pay an amount for each transaction made using your PoS Terminal, we can offer you the Linked Business Discount Rate.

discount rate of 0.40

Your rate decreases the closer your link with us.

With this rate, you will be charged a discount rate on each transaction you make.

* The maximum applicable discount rate is 0.70%, which can be reduced to a minimum of 0.40% if you fulfil three of the following linkage conditions (0.10% reduction for each of them): Average non-interest-earning balance > €3,000. Average balance in equity capital > €1,000. Average balance in Investment Funds > €6,000. Direct Debit arrangement for Self-Employment or Mutual Insurance (only for self-employed customers). Direct debit arrangement for national insurance payments. Business card purchases > €500/month. Take out Retail or SME Multirisk insurance. Take out Life Insurance with a premium of >€150/year (only for self-employed customers). Pension Plan or Assured Retirement Plan (PPA) contributions >€600 (only for self-employed customers). Dispatch of C.34 remittances (payroll master). Direct debit arrangement for VAT, corporation tax or personal income tax. Active credit policy >€7,500. Any of our branches can provide you with information about linkage requirements and products, in accordance with legislative requirements, when taking out investment products for companies, self-employed professionals and private individuals, in the standard information document (SECCI). These linkage conditions will be reviewed on the 15th of each month. The first review will take place at least 2 months after the contract for the PoS Terminal is signed.

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