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PoS terminals

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Multi-Currency Terminal

This allows customers to pay for transactions in the currency of their card or in euros (the currency of our PoS Terminals). The business is not allowed to change the currency of the PoS Terminal; instead, depending on the type of card, the PoS will detect that the card is from a country OUTSIDE the Euro Zone and will give the option of processing the transaction in euros or in the currency of the card.

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Contactless terminals

These are terminals that allow you to take payments made by card (or a smart phone with the corresponding app) without a physical contact between card/phone and PoS terminal. This system will be activated for transactions of less than 50 euros and will only require a PIN number for transactions between 20 and 50 euros.

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This is a personalised payment plan that allows customers to choose individually and separately for each purchase when to start paying and over how many instalments to spread payment. If you want to set up a personalised payment plan using one of our PoS Cards, the customer must have a credit card issued by us.

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Digital signature

This allows the sales receipt to be captured digitally, replacing the need to sign a physical receipt with a signature captured on the PoS Terminal's screen.

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