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In addition to the traditional PoS Terminal, we can offer other methods for taking payments, for special situations.

  • Wireless PoS Terminal: Especially designed for situations in which you do not have access to a landline, or when your professional activity does not take place in a fixed location (taxi drivers, door-to-door sales, etc).
  • Virtual PoS Terminal: This allows retailers to take payments made over the Internet, with absolute confidence and security for vendor and buyer alike.

  • PoS for smartphone: This allows you to process card operations, sales, refunds, etc., using your mobile device as a PoS Terminal.

How does the Virtual PoS Terminal work?: The Virtual PoS Terminal, also known as a “payment gateway” works in a similar way to the conventional PoS Terminal, and is available in the majority of retailers. Put simply, a Virtual PoS Terminal will process a transaction as follows:

  1. Purchase: the consumer selects products and adds them to the shopping basket.
  2. Details of the purchase: the virtual store sets out the billing and shipping details for the buyer.
  3. Presentation of the Virtual PoS page(TPV2 ): the card details are taken (details only shared between the buyer and Cajamar Caja Rural by means of a secure connection).
  4. Card details: the buyer enters the card number and expiry. The system requests the PIN number to authenticate the cardholder.
  5. Results page: through the virtual store, the buyer is presented with the result of the operation.
  6. Sales notification presented to retailer: the (TPV2 ) notifies the retailer of the purchase.
  7. Delivery of the purchase: the purchase is delivered to the buyer by a logistics company or the retailer itself.

More information:

Seguridad: Security comes first. We know that security is one of the major concerns for retailers and customers alike. For this reason, we have implemented Verified by Visa.

This new technology, developed by VISA, securely verifies the identity of cardholders and maintains the absolute confidentiality and integrity of the online shopping process. Buyers are assured that their personal and payment details cannot be captured by third parties, and you have a greater guarantee of collecting payment since the possibility of fraudulent transactions is minimised.

On VISA’s website you can find out more information about Verified by Visa.