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PoS terminals

The Mobile PoS Terminal is a state-of-the-art solution that allows any business or sole trader to process card payments, sales, refunds, etc..., just like a normal PoS .

The mobile PoS incorporates a card reader that is connected to the Smartphone via Bluetooth, and the mPos app from Redsys, which you can download onto any mobile phone with an Android, Apple or Windows operating system.


A PoS wherever you are .

Free app.

Your customers no longer need to carry cash .

Straightforward and easy to install and use.

dispositivo tpv smartphone

The device

The PoS with wireless PIN-PAD turns any Smartphone, Tablet or mobile phone into a certified EMV solution, without the need for additional certifications.

This solution is certified by Sermepa to take secure EMV payments and magnetic strip payments, using Sermepa´s TPV-PC platform.

Among other features, the user can check operations carried out, searching through specific filters (by month, week, or between two specified dates), view PDF receipts, take payments in local and foreign currency, and process refunds.

The App

aplicacion tpv smartphone

The App you have to download and install is called mPOS, provided by Redsys. It allows you to take secure payments using a Smartphone, in line with all the relevant security standards (PCI-DSS, etc).

To ensure the App works correctly, the terminal (telephone or tablet) must have Bluetooth activated along with an internet connection.

To install it, the user must download the TPV or PoS application from the store associated with their operating system, and connect it via Bluetooth to the payment device.

Download here
Mpos android

Mpos ios

Mpos windows

Take payments in 3 steps:


1. Enter the amount of the payment.


2. Indicate how the customer wishes to receive their receipt: by text message or e-mail.


3. The customer enters their card, types in their PIN, and presses OK.