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Cash Flow

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Cash Flow

This is a similar product to a Commercial Discounting Facility, which allows you to collect advance payment on the nominal amount of one or several site/works certifications, invoices, payment obligations with the acknowledgement and acceptance of the paying Entity, without having to authorise a credit facility.

In short, we will advance you the amount, discounting at that time any expenses and interest generated by the operation, and we will collect the credit on the established dates, without accepting the risk of non-payment.

  • Maximum term: usually, up to 180 days.
  • Guarantees: personal, mortgage-backed, or mixed.
  • Limit: fixed through a policy or a discounting facility, establishing the maximum amount of credits that can be discounted and pending payment at any given time.
  • Interest rates: different rates are applied depending on the collection terms of each document (from the discounting date to the date of maturity). As with fees, rates will be negotiated through our branches.
  • Fees: in all cases, a collection fee is applied and, if applicable, reimbursement fees and other specific commissions linked to the different declarative formulas for said reimbursement.

Highlights: ease of management, since once you have taken out a policy or a discounting facility, you can request advance payment of any amounts required up to the established limit.