PoS Terminal Turnover Advance

PoS Terminal Turnover Advance

Always on hand

Do you have a retail business and need liquidity? We have developed the PoS Terminal Turnover Advance just for you. So that, using your PoS Terminal, you can access liquidity whenever you need it.

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At Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar we are offering you this new service, aimed at owners of retail business (Sole Traders and SMEs), so that you can get an advance on your average PoS Terminal turnover according to your liquidity needs, quickly and easily, using your PoS Terminal.

The maximum amount will depend on the turnover registered by your through its Point of Sale (PoS) Terminals.

How does it work?


Request the amount required using your PoS Terminal and the card we will supply, using the action "sale-advance" (venta-anticipo).

You will have access to 30% of the annual turnover registered with your PoS Terminals.


On the next working day after the request is placed, the amount will be credited into the account linked with your PoS Terminals.


We will then deduct 20% of the daily amount in sales made using your Pos Terminals, which will be allocated to partial repayments of the advance requested.

Apply now in branch.

Cash flow credit using a Private Credit Card. The maximum available will be determined on the basis of the turnover registered by the business through point of sale terminals (PoS Terminals).

The cardholder may access all or part of the maximum amount available through their retail business PoS Terminal. The amount will be credited into your account the next working day after it is requested.

Each advance has a pre-determined expiry date of 60 days.

This finance facility is available to customers with PoS Terminal turnover records dating back at least 6 months.