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Cash Flow

Automated management of payments to your suppliers , which includes a possible collection guarantee issued by us in their favour, and the option of collecting in advance, even if they are not our customers.

The way it works is simple: on the one hand, you send us a file with the details of payments the company needs to make, along with the amount and their due date. At that same time, Cajamar Caja Rural informs suppliers of the payment order received and the due date, whilst offering them the possibility of collecting in advance, having previously deducted the corresponding interest and fees. On the due date, the amount of the invoice is charged and paid to the supplier, or the advance collection order is cancelled.

  • Maximum term: up to 12 months with optional renewal.
  • Payment method: on the due date of each invoice.
  • Frequency of interest payments: for the payer company there is no financial cost involved, only for your suppliers if they wish to collect in advance.
  • Guarantees: Personals, mortgage-backed, or mixed.
  • Limit: depending on requirements, formalised through a trading guarantee policy.
  • Interest rates: should your suppliers wish to collect in advance, interest rates and fees are negotiated through our branches.
  • Fees: charged to suppliers if they wish to collect in advance.

Highlights: reputation, ease, and a better bargaining position to negotiate with your suppliers.