Commercial discounting

Cash Flow

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Cash Flow

Collect in advance the nominal amount of one or several commercial bills, which you authorise us to collect on their respective due dates.

Ultimately, you transfer over to us part of the future collection rights of your company, documented through bills, promissory notes or bills of exchange charged to your customers. In turn, we pay you these amounts in advance, deducting at that time any charges and interest generated by the operation.

  • Maximum term: usually up to 180 days.
  • Guarantees: Personal, mortgage-backed, or mixed.
  • Limit: fixed through a policy or discounting facility, establishing the maximum amount for bills that can be discounted and which are pending payment at any given time.
  • Interest rates: different interest rates depending on the collection timeframes of each bill (from discounting date until maturity date). As with fees, interest rates are negotiated through our branches.
  • Fees: in all cases a collection fee is applied, as well as, if applicable, fees for reimbursements and others linked to the declarative formulas used for said reimbursement.

Highlights: ease of manage, since by taking out a policy or discounting facility, you can request advance collection on any amounts according to your needs, up to the maximum limit.

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