Financing taxes and social security

Financing taxes and social security

Finance all your tax obligations (VAT, income tax, corporation tax) quickly and easily, without losing liquidity.

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Spread the cost of your tax bill with affordable monthly payments.

With our Tax and Social Security Loan, you can spread the cost of your business taxes, such as VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, and Social Security. Without using any of your own equity.


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Spread the cost of your tax bill across affordable monthly payments, up to 12 months.

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Get access to your loan quickly. No special requirements.

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Without using any of your own equity.

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Plan your business cash flow in advance

Loan to pay tax and social security

TIN fijo: 0,00%

TAE: 4,07%(1)

Repayment term:
3 months

Arrangement fee:

Minimum amount: 500€

We also give you the option to spread payment (with interest) over 12 months.

Remember that you can also pay quickly and easily online using our Online Banking system, so you don’t have to queue.

APR calculated for an amount of 20,000 euros over a 3-month period, with an American amortisation method, repaying the capital upon maturity. With a single payment of 20,000 euros. The interest to be paid will be 0.00 euros. The total cost of the loan will be 200 euros. The total amount payable will be 20,200 euros. Financing subject to the bank’s risk requirements and conditions and valid until 30/09/2022.