Cash Flow

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  • Cash Flow Finance: solutions to collect on payments in advance, cover unforeseen expenses, buy in stock, adjust your cash management flows, and other short-term finance needs.
  • Loans and Credit Accounts : to cover your short-term cash flow needs, regardless of your sector.
  • Advance payment and suppliers : you could improve the liquidity of your activity with a wide range of formulas to pay invoices in advance and negotiate with your suppliers, creating a more productive and mutually beneficial relationship with your suppliers.
  • Invoice Discounting Facility: you can collect on your sales invoices in advance.
  • Credit advances: similar to the Invoice Discounting Facility, you can draw funds against invoices and payment commitments in advance, and we will collect them on the established date.
  • Confirming: we manage your payment orders, offering your suppliers the option of collecting their payments in advance, without affecting risk, lightening your administrative load whilst improving your bargaining position.