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“A technology platform that is part of our working model, which gives us solutions? This is it."

ELECTRONIC BANKING. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to check balances, banking transactions, and take out products ON YOUR COMPUTER, THROUGH MOBILE AND TELEPHONE BANKING, with telephone communication platforms that allow you to check information directly and in person.

REMITTANCE MANAGEMENT: Through the SEPA system, you can deal with your remittances for salaries, transfers, and direct debits.

  • Send remittances easily through Electronic Banking, in record time.
  • Find out detailed information and the status of remittances presented to us.
  • Obtain information about returned bills through Electronic Banking, along with variances in the drawees’ account.

E-INVOICING: Save time and money with the e-invoicing service. Through your electronic banking, you can issue and receive electronic invoices, find out their status, store them, and print them at any time.