IDEA-JEREMIE energy agreement

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Cajamar Caja Rural, broker in the management of the Jeremie-Energia Fund, to support businesses that collaborate with the Programme to Support Sustainable Construction.

The aim of the JEREMIE-Energy Agreement is to support SMEs linked to the energy sector, whose projects are related with energy savings, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and the use of renewable energies, or their promotion.

This agreement is open to Andalusian SMEs or SMEs with operational centres in Andalusia with new or business growth projects linked to the energy sector (generation, distribution, commercialisation, energy efficiency

Beneficiaries* can borrow up to 5 million euros per company or business group.

Beneficiaries* can borrow up to 2 million euros per company, repayable over a maximum of 5 years.

(*) These operations are jointly financed under the IDEA JEREMIE Energy Agreement of Andalusia’s Innovation and Development Agency (IDEA).

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