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Cajamar Caja Rural, working in partnership with Murcia’s Regional Institute of Credit and Finance (ICREF), facilitates the activity of self-employed professionals and micro SMEs in the region of Murcia, through the A.G.I.L. credit facility

The aim of the A.G.I.L. credit facility is to support the activity of self-employed professionals and micro businesses in the region of Murcia through loans that offer a preferential interest rate.

These loans are partly financed by funds from the European Investment Fund, through the "European Progress Microfinance Facility", which aims to offer EU resources to increase the access and availability of microfinance for microbusinesses and self-employed professionals.

Beneficiaries* can borrow up to 24,999 euros repayable over a maximum of five years.

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(*) These operations are jointly financed under the A.G.I.L. Finance Facility Agreement established by MURCIA’S REGIONAL INSTITUTE OF CREDIT AND FINANCE.

Operations jointly financed under the "European Progress Microfinance Facility" programme set up by the European Union.