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This is a finance system that allows you to enjoy the assets your business activity needs simply by paying a series of lease instalments during a fixed period of time.

It is an easy way for you to acquire vehicles, machinery, property (offices, industrial premises and warehouses…), IT equipment, etc., taking full advantage of the tax breaks offered to businesses. At the end of the contract, you have the option to buy the item for one final instalment amount.

  • Maximum payment term:
    • Lease deal on movable assets: between 24 and 72 months.
    • Lease deal on property: between 120 and 180 months.
  • Payment method: capital instalments plus interest and taxes.
  • Frequency of payments: monthly, quarterly, or six-monthly.
  • Additional guarantees: assessed for each case.
  • Limit: up to 100% of the investment.
  • Interest rates: fixed or variable, negotiable in our branches.
  • Fees: negotiable in our branches.

Highlights: 100% finance of the investment plus tax breaks.