Self-employed Flexible Quota Loan

prestamo cuota flexible

Préstamo Autónomo Cuota Flexible

A well deserved rest...

The self-employed have some breathing space with us

In July/August or in January/February (whenever you prefer)

As we are aware that some months are more complicated than others, we offer you the possibility of deferring loan repayments to give you some breathing space in summer (July and August) or in the hard January (January and February).

Through Cajamar Cooperative Group, the self-employed can choose when to request the shortage of capital option.
With the Self-employed Flexible Quota Loan*

(*)Loan PI220 - Flexible Quota aimed exclusively at the self-employed, including those in the agro sector agro, which is only applicable to repayable loans with a minimum duration of 1 year and a maximum of 7 years.

How does it work? This loan will be divided into two periods:

  • The first will consist of what is requested by the customer: For example, a 5-year loan. In this 5-year period, the self-employed customer will have a shortage of capital in the 2 selected months, either January and February or July and August.
  • The second period will consist of repaying the outstanding capital once the deferral period has passed. For each year of the first period, the loan period will be increased by 2 months. This loan can be taken out for full years.12/24/36/48/60/72/84 months, to which a further 2 months will be added each year.