EIF car loan

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It’s not every day you can buy a vehicle with such great conditions!

Product available exclusively for self-employed professionals and microbusinesses

prestamos fei automocion

What are the conditions exactly?

You can finance up to a Maximum of 24,999 euros with a maximum repayment term of 5 years.


Why are the conditions so good?

Cajamar, working in conjunction with the European Investment Fund, is looking to promote finance facilities for Self-Employed Professionals and Microbusinesses by offering excellent finance conditions.


What can I finance?

Saloon cars, vans, trucks, lorries, and agricultural vehicles such as tractors, agricultural trailers, and harvesters. New or previously owned, as long as they are used as part of the commercial and production activity of your business.


What do I need to access this finance?

Prove your status as Self-Employed or a Microbusiness (fewer than 10 workers and maximum turnover of 2 million euros).

(*)Finance is provided in accordance with the “European Progress Microfinance Facility” set up by the European Union. Valid until funds have been exhausted.