International transfers received


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Cajamar Caja Rural has a broad red de corresponsales and agreements in place with bancos internacionales.

If you receive International Transfers via Swift, you can access the following services:

International Payment Collection Service:

  • If you download app from Cajamar Caja Rural and activate the notification option for Swift transfers received, you will receive a push notification when an international transfer is credited to your account.
  • Contact your branch if you would prefer to receive an email every time an international transfer received via Swift is credited to your account.

Notification service for International Payments Received in foreign currencies and Exchange Rate Desk:

Contact your branch to request that we send you an email every time you receive an international transfer in a currency other than the currency of your account. These emails will contain all the details of the transfer so that you can manage your funds adequately.

Funds will be kept on stand by and the Exchange Rate Desk will contact you for instructions regarding crediting the funds to your account in the relevant foreign currency, crediting the funds at the closing exchange rate, or applying a previously agreed rate by means of exchange rate insurance. This service is available for payments in excess of 30,000 euros or equivalent.

Identification labels service

Ask your branch for labels with your payment collection details so that you can attach them to the invoices you send to your customers, identifying your details and your bank account details.

Ask for information about if you want to know more about this option for transfers made in euros between SEPA countries.


  • If you have a Foreign Trade Facility and you are an exporter, you can Pre Finance or Finance your payment collections, gaining access to these funds in advance.