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Foreign Trade Finance

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Foreign Trade Finance

When the times comes to pay your supplier, you can arrange finance with us irrespective of the method of payment chosen: transfer, import remittance, or import documentary remittance. We will make payment to your supplier and you will repay us these funds on the stipulated expiry date.

Furthermore, you can use this product to gain a competitive advantage, asking your supplier for a swift payment discount, so you pay your supplier on demand and finance this amount through us. Sometimes, the discount offered might be higher than the costs of securing finance. Contact your branch to find out the terms and conditions of this product.

Furthermore, if you wish to finance a payment issued via transfer, you can do so easily by Access, without having to go to your branch.


  • If the payment is made in a currency other than the euro, you can finance in euros or in the corresponding currency.
  • Maximum finance term: 180 days.
  • Interest paid on expiry.
  • Financeable products:
    • Transfers issued
    • Import remittances
    • Import documentary credits


  • Financing in euros is not the same as financing in a non euro currency: if we provide finance in euros, the reference interest rate will be the Euribor rate over the corresponding term. If we finance in a currency other than the euro, the interest rate will be the corresponding Libor for that currency over the relevant term. A Euribor 3-month rate is not the same as a Libor USD 3-month rate.
  • If we provide finance in euros, we are eliminating exchange rate risk. If we finance in a different currency, we will not know the equivalent value in euros until the finance facility expires, unless you take out exchange rate insurance to fix the price at maturity.